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jeudi 22 juin 2017

  • Create a Tracker to Analyze Gas Mileage Using Wolfram Tech
    When I first started driving in high school, I had to pay for my own gas. Since I was also saving for college, I had to be careful about my spending, so I started manually tracking how much I was paying for gas in a spreadsheet and calculating how much gas I was using. Whenever (...)

vendredi 16 juin 2017

mardi 6 juin 2017

  • Brain, Neurons, Cognition: Computational Neuroscience
    As the next phase of Wolfram Research’s endeavor to make biology computable, we are happy to announce the recent release of neuroscience-related content. The most central part of the human nervous system is the brain. It contains roughly 100 billion neurons that act together to process (...)

vendredi 2 juin 2017

  • New Books on Applications of the Wolfram Language
    We’re always excited to see new books that illustrate applications of Wolfram technology in a wide range of fields. Below is another set of recently published books using the Wolfram Language to explore computational thinking. From André Dauphiné’s outstanding geographical studies of our planet to (...)


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