Sur le Web ces 30 derniers jours

  • vendredi 16 novembre 2018
  • Martian Commutes and Werewolf Teeth: Using Wolfram|Alpha for Writing Research

    This post was initially published on Tech-Based Teaching, a blog about computational thinking, educational technology and the spaces in between. Rather than prioritizing a single discipline, Tech-Based Teaching aims to show how edtech can cultivate learning for all students. Past posts have (...)
  • jeudi 8 novembre 2018
  • Wolfram U Presents: Wolfram Technology in Action

    Join Wolfram U for Wolfram Technology in Action: Applications & New Developments, a three-part web series showcasing innovative applications in the Wolfram Language. Newcomers to Wolfram technology are welcome, as are longtime users wanting to see the latest functionality in the language. (...)
  • jeudi 1er novembre 2018
  • The Wolfram Technology Conference 2018 Livecoding Championship: A Recap

    For the third year in a row, the annual Wolfram Technology Conference played host to a new kind of esport—the Livecoding Championship. Expert programmers competed to solve challenges with the Wolfram Language, with the goal of winning the championship tournament belt and exclusive bragging (...)
  • vendredi 26 octobre 2018
  • Highlights from the 2018 Wolfram Technology Conference

    Last week, Wolfram hosted individuals from across the globe at our annual Wolfram Technology Conference. This year we had a packed program of talks, training, and networking and dining events, while attendees got to see firsthand what’s new and what’s coming in the Wolfram tech stack from (...)
  • jeudi 25 octobre 2018
  • The Winners of the 2018 One-Liner Competition

    Images and machine learning were the dominant themes of submissions to the One-Liner Competition held at this year’s Wolfram Technology Conference. The competition challenges attendees to show us the most astounding things they can accomplish with 128 or fewer characters—less than one tweet—of (...)