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  • jeudi 6 décembre 2018
  • vendredi 30 novembre 2018
  • Computation + Literature in High School: Doctoral-Level Digital Humanities

    Thanks to the Wolfram Language, English teacher Peter Nilsson is empowering his students with computational methods in literature, history, geography and a range of other non-STEM fields. Working with a group of other teachers at Deerfield Academy, he developed Distant Reading: an innovative (...)
  • jeudi 29 novembre 2018
  • Interning at Wolfram: My Regeneration as a Theoretical Scientist

    How does it feel to be an intern at Wolfram? Most undergraduate college students chase opportunities for internships in New York, Miami, Seattle and particularly San Francisco at very young but large high-tech companies like Uber, Pinterest, Quora, Expedia and similar internet companies. These (...)
  • vendredi 16 novembre 2018
  • Martian Commutes and Werewolf Teeth: Using Wolfram|Alpha for Writing Research

    This post was initially published on Tech-Based Teaching, a blog about computational thinking, educational technology and the spaces in between. Rather than prioritizing a single discipline, Tech-Based Teaching aims to show how edtech can cultivate learning for all students. Past posts have (...)
  • jeudi 8 novembre 2018
  • Wolfram U Presents: Wolfram Technology in Action

    Join Wolfram U for Wolfram Technology in Action: Applications & New Developments, a three-part web series showcasing innovative applications in the Wolfram Language. Newcomers to Wolfram technology are welcome, as are longtime users wanting to see the latest functionality in the language. (...)