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  • jeudi 9 août 2018
  • Citizen Data Science with Civic Hacking: The Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge

    Code for America’s National Day of Civic Hacking is coming up on August 11, 2018, which presents a nice opportunity for individuals and teams of all skill levels to participate in the Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge—a program Wolfram is supporting through free access to Wolfram|One and by (...)
  • vendredi 3 août 2018
  • Big O and Friends: Tales of the Big, the Small and Every Scale in Between

    One of the many beautiful aspects of mathematics is that often, things that look radically different are in fact the same—or at least share a common core. On their faces, algorithm analysis, function approximation and number theory seem radically different. After all, the first is about computer (...)
  • mardi 31 juillet 2018
  • New Wolfram Language Books: Don’t Stop Learning Just Because It’s Summer

    It’s not really late summer unless you’re armed with an apple and a good book. There’s been a recent slew of incredible books utilizing the capabilities of the Wolfram Language that make sure your coding knowledge never stops growing and your reading list stays stocked. (And be sure to check the (...)
  • mardi 24 juillet 2018
  • Programming Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi

    The standard Raspbian software on the Raspberry Pi comes with a basic implementation of Minecraft and a full implementation of the Wolfram Language. Combining the two provides a fun playground for learning coding. If you are a gamer, you can use the richness of the Wolfram Language to (...)
  • Four Minecraft Projects with the Wolfram Language

    A couple of weeks ago I shared a package for controlling the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft from Mathematica (either on the Pi or from another computer). You can control the Minecraft API from lots of languages, but the Wolfram Language is very well aligned to this task—both because the rich, (...)