Sur le Web ces 30 derniers jours

  • samedi 13 janvier 2018
  • Slicing Silhouettes of Jupiter: Processing JunoCam Images

    With the images from the Juno mission being made available to the public, I thought it might be fun to try my hand at some image processing with them. Though my background is not in image processing, the Wolfram Language has some really nice tools that lessen the learning curve, so you can (...)
  • lundi 8 janvier 2018
  • What Is a Computational Essay?

    A Powerful Way to Express Ideas People are used to producing prose—and sometimes pictures—to express themselves. But in the modern age of computation, something new has become possible that I’d like to call the computational essay. I’ve been working on building the technology to support (...)
  • How to Win at Risk: Exact Probabilities

    The classic board game Risk involves conquering the world by winning battles that are played out using dice. There are lots of places on the web where you can find out the odds of winning a battle given the number of armies that each player has. However, all the ones that I have seen do (...)
  • Finding X in Espresso: Adventures in Computational Lexicology

    When Does a Word Become a Word? “A shot of expresso, please.” “You mean ‘espresso,’ don’t you?” A baffled customer, a smug barista—media is abuzz with one version or another of this story. But the real question is not whether “expresso” is a correct spelling, but rather how spellings evolve and enter (...)
  • Spikey Bird: Creating a Flappy Bird Mod in the Wolfram Language

    An earlier version of this post appeared on Wolfram Community, where the creation of a game interface earned the author a staff pick from the forum moderators. Be sure to head over to Wolfram Community and check out other innovative uses of the Wolfram Language! If you like video games and (...)
  • jeudi 4 janvier 2018
  • Goodbye, 2017! It Was a Marvelous Year for Wolfram Research

    Whew! So much has happened in a year. Consider this number: we added 230 new functions to the Wolfram Language in 2017! The Wolfram Blog traces the path of our company’s technological advancement, so let’s take a look back at 2017 for the blog’s year in review. Announcing New Products and Features (...)