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  • jeudi 20 septembre 2018
  • Free-Form Bioprinting with Mathematica and the Wolfram Language

    In past blog posts, we’ve talked about the Wolfram Language’s built-in, high-level functionality for 3D printing. Today we’re excited to share an example of how some more general functionality in the language is being used to push the boundaries of this technology. Specifically, we’ll look at how (...)
  • mardi 18 septembre 2018
  • Wolfram|Alpha???? – ????????????????????

    Wolfram|Alpha senior developer Noriko Yasui explains the basic features of the Japanese version of Wolfram|Alpha. This version was released in June 2018, and its mathematics domain has been completely localized into Japanese. Yasui shows how Japanese students, teachers and professionals (...)
  • Prepare for AP Calculus and More with Wolfram U

    Today I am proud to announce a free interactive course, Introduction to Calculus, hosted on Wolfram’s learning hub, Wolfram U! The course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to fundamental concepts in calculus such as limits, derivatives and integrals. It includes 38 video lessons (...)
  • jeudi 13 septembre 2018
  • Thrust Supersonic Car Engineering Insights: Applying Multiparadigm Data Science

    Having a really broad toolset and an open mind on how to approach data can lead to interesting insights that are missed when data is looked at only through the lens of statistics or machine learning. It’s something we at Wolfram Research call multiparadigm data science, which I use here for a (...)
  • jeudi 6 septembre 2018
  • vendredi 31 août 2018
  • Wolfram ?s Teachers: A Gift Basket for Educators

    Teachers, professors, parents-as-teachers—to ease the transition into the fall semester, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Wolfram resources for educators! We appreciate everything you do, and we hope you find this cornucopia of computation useful. Tech-Based Teaching Blog It’s no secret that (...)