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  • jeudi 10 octobre 2019
  • Announcing the Rule 30 Prizes

    The Story of Rule 30 How can something that simple produce something that complex? It’s been nearly 40 years since I first saw rule 30—but it still amazes me. Long ago it became my personal all-time favorite science discovery, and over the years it’s changed my whole worldview and led me to all (...)
  • mardi 8 octobre 2019
  • Powering Engineering Education with Wolfram Virtual Labs

    How can you make teaching come alive and be more engaging? For many educators, the answer turns out to be not so much a single solution, but rather a set of tools that can vary according to subject and even by student. So today, I want to add something new to the pedagogical toolkit: Wolfram (...)
  • samedi 5 octobre 2019
  • mardi 24 septembre 2019
  • Deploying Bandpass Filters Using the Wolfram Language Microcontroller Kit

    Real-time filters work like magic. Usually out of sight, they clean data to make it useful for the larger system they are part of, and sometimes even for human consumption. A fascinating thing about these filters is that they don’t have a big-picture perspective. They work wonders with only a (...)
  • lundi 23 septembre 2019